When will my order ship?

I’m a small business and all pieces are handmade to order. Most orders will ship out within 7-14 business days, but more likely sooner. In stock items ship out 3-5 business days. If an item is not in stock you will be notified immediately. In the case that an item is not in stock, please allow up to two weeks for shipping. In the case of a special order or custom piece allow up to 3 to 4 weeks. You will receive an email with your order and tracking information. Please contact via email if you have a special request and I will try my best to work with you and any deadlines.

Can I rush order or overnight an item?

In stock items can be rushed or be sent overnight. I ask that you contact me first. I will do my best to accommodate your situation and timeline. Due to the nature of my small business where each item is handmade; items may not be in stock and will need to be made before shipping. You can also choose another carrier service like FedEx or UPS. Please contact me first.

Does my order include Gift Wrap?

All items come in a logo stamped Kraft box with cotton or Kraft envelope for smaller items. Each box is wrapped with a ribbon. Your order includes a thank you note. If you want a custom message please email before or after placing your order.

Can I customize a piece i.e. longer chain, different metal, bigger/smaller size?

Absolutely! Most customization should be requested before ordering. I simply ask that you email me. In the case that you want a longer or shorter chain we ask that you request this when ordering or by contacting us via email. Most necklaces come with a standard 16” chain or the option for an 18” or 20” chain. This can be done with no additional fee. If you want a longer chain than these options; a small fee will be applied. Again I ask that you email me before purchasing the item.

Depending on the customization, it may delay shipping. For example if you want a piece in 14k gold, it would change the shipping since each piece is handmade and we need enough time to produce a unique piece. But usually a small customization is easily done. Gold pieces will ship out in 14 days.

If you have purchased a ring within the last 90 days and want to resize it, I’d be happy to do it at no additional charge. You will only have to pay for shipping. After 90 days, a small fee will be charged for resizing. Please email me this request and I will gladly help you get your ring to the perfect size.

How do I determine my ring size?

If you don’t know your ring size it’s a good idea to stop at a local jeweler or jewelry store and ask to have your ring sized. Different thickness and patterns can effect the sizing, so try on rings that are similar to the one you want. We can send you a plastic ring sizer for the cost of shipping if you are out of options.

What is the difference in metal types i.e. sterling silver, brass, 14k gold?

Sterling silver is an alloy, a mix of silver and other metals. I exclusively use .925 Sterling silver. Which has 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper (or nickel or zinc typically) I use sterling silver because it is more durable than fine silver. It’s easy to work with and will not be easily damaged compared to fine silver which is 99.9% silver, which is much softer and less durable for wear and tear.

I specifically use 14k yellow gold. K stands for Karats. 14 Karats represents the amount of gold mixed with other metals. Gold like silver is mixed with other metals to help with durability and workability as a jeweler. 24K in the US is the highest rating for jewelry, which means it’s almost entirely (99.9% gold) this makes the appearance the brightest yellow, but also softer. Which means it is easier to damage and mark up. Durability and price wise, 14k gold is a great option that is a beautiful yellow gold that is more durable and more affordable compared to 24K. In the U.S gold jewelry ranges from 9K to 24K.

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc. It has a yellow/gold like appearance. Brass tarnishes quicker than sterling silver due to the mix of metals. Brass also is prone to retaining water spots so be sure to pat dry immediately when wet.

What does oxidized mean?

Oxidation is the natural process that happens to metal over time. When exposed to oxygen in the air and moisture metal begins to tarnish and discolor. In jewelry, specifically my pieces areas that appear black, grey or smokey are oxidized. This is an intentional surface treatment. It speeds up the natural oxidation process for aesthetic purposes.

What do certain metals tarnish?

If you don’t want your jewelry to tarnish I recommend wearing it daily. With most people this helps it from tarnishing. When you’re not wearing your jewelry it’s best to store your jewelry in an enclosed space like a jewelry box away from open air and moisture. Leaving your jewelry out in the open will speed up the oxidation process.Overtime all jewelry tarnishes if not touched or cleaned. But all tarnish and oxidization is easily fixed. You can refer to the jewelry care page.

Do you ever have sales or promotions?

Occasionally there are sales and promotions. The best way to stay on top of this is to follow me on social media and subscribe to the email list. We don’t email often, only with sales and when placing orders.

I’m interested in a Wholesale order?

If you are a retailer and interested in purchasing jewelry for your store, please contact me via email.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at hello@carlyfoster.com